Providing outstanding learning material for all Aboriginal and underprivileged children aged between 3 and 10 years old.  The program will give a huge early intellectual advantage and a positive foundation changing children's future unlike any other program.  

The Books and DVD's teach from an early age to speak, read, write and think with no assistance necessary making it quite unique.

It is endearing and simple for the children to learn.  The programs concept took many years to develop, record, write, illustrate and produce to give the greatest enjoyment and advanced learning to children, incorporating music, songs, children's voices, simple instruction, multicultural illustrations, work books, moving graphics cleverly layered to increase the knowledge and intelligence of the children.

The program will contribute to improving the future of our world making it a better,  more intelligent, compassionate place to live.

 "Improving Education."                                               
Goal $2,000,000 for the period  2023 - 2024

To purchase early learning books, equipment and facilities to improve Aboriginal early education Australia wide, consequently improve children's skills and opportunities over a lifetime.

To transform the early education in remote Aboriginal areas providing books and equipment encouraging and enabling children and families to have a good sharing and understanding of reading and comprehension of the English language as well as Australian cultural behavior.
Contact            Phone 61 0488823838.