ELDERLY - The day after the PM was elected I brought to his attention the negligence at many carehomes including my own experience with this. 

I  am proud of the efforts of PM Scott Morrison and his Royal Commission to better regulate care of the elderly although I do not have the confidence of elderly patients getting adequate surgical or medical treatment.

My incident showed just one of hundreds of mistreatment of elderly persons throughout Australian care homes which will be thankfully under the microscope from now on.


There is a cure for Corona Influenza and all other influenzas.

The Chinese President Xi Jingping lingxiu an outstanding extraordinary man who has achieved enormous humanitarian and industrial reforms as well as outstanding global business ties including his belt road initiative. 

He ended the one child policy, sorted out corruption within the party focused on the Chinese dream to create good living conditions, good medical and educational services and tackle corruption, restructured state owned enterprises to allow for competition.  

He made a massive contribution to the human race contributing 1.3 billion to prevent people from hunger. 

Just a few of his extraordinary achievements all this currently overshadowed by a manipulated mass media campaign to make more of a mild seasonal flu. Don’t gasp, you can read more in my article on Wednesday before making a comment.
The Australian Chinese ambassador Cheng Jingy is also an excellent man and was quite right to say it was ridiculous to have an inquiry into the Corona flu. Yes it is a mild flu and the world has been deceived by an enormous marketing program and vested interest. Do we have an inquiry every year regarding seasonal flu?

There is a current stupid and shameful attitude by many towards the Chinese government based on simplistic and incorrect assumptions caused by ignorance and lack of knowledge re the Corona Flu and Chinas Government. I find the Chinese people hard working and excellent to deal with. The greatest problem is the poverty with business incentives needed and maybe micro loans could succeed..

Xi correctly treated the Corona Influenza as a seasonal flu which it is which occur every year world wide, and he treated it with vigilance as would normally do so, with much lower deaths than usual and without encouraging this ridiculous mass media hysteria.  

The corona virus influenza came from animal sources in Wuhan live animal markets, it was not from laboratories as many laboratories worldwide have had accidents but the virus is usually limited and contained to a small number of people due to stringent safety rules. Whereas the markets expose a much greater number of people to the virus.  

Xis funding rather than be pressured and fund virus research which there is already too much wasted money going to investors but rather help remove the live markets and convert poor farmers to agricultural products and or co-operatives, not causing virus infections and healthier for both people and animals. A huge shift is moving to eating only vegetarian foods throughout the world as we become slowly more civilised 

Every year some 650,000 people die of seasonal flu related respiratory problems. The majority elderly and already under care with other serious health problems nearing the end of their lives... Never has this been reported in the hysterical way that the Corona flu has on a daily basis despite being far worse.

Why is this? I write reasons in my article to be published this week.

Due to this enormous marketing campaign most of the public have been incorrectly influenced by mass Media’s also incorrect understanding.

Sadly we all die according to the health of our body usually 65 – 95. What has been reported to date are fewer deaths than the normal annual tally despite faulty testing and manipulated numbers.  

There was no inquiry for Brisbane flu for Sydney flu for Mexican swine flu, the sources are known and influenza is a normal seasonal occurrence which we need to use our intelligence not petty assumptions and address the causes as well as provide cures, not this continued nonsense which we learnt as a 3 year old to wash our hands.  

What needs to be done is address the cause and provide a cure which I have already

Live animal markets world wide should change with incentives to agricultural markets or cooperative industries with a massive change and knowledge that vegetarian diet is also healthier for humans. Education is needed for the poor farmers not to kill or deal with animals. The influenza crosses over from avian sources, bats, chickens, ferrets and pigs is all well documented; the problem is the people not the animals. 

There are enormous changes coming in the world and great business opportunities in the area of vegetarian diet. In 20 years I believe half the world will be vegetarian.

Animal cruelty is not a human right and education is needed to address this. Australia is also at fault still selling caged eggs and with cruel exporting of animals, an absolute disgrace. No government has ever had the strength to stop this. 

I certainly would if I was in power with no sympathy for farmers, they can farm free range eggs or dairy cows or a huge variety of agriculture in demand now.  

There are massive returns currently in the area of agriculture and horticulture. Most countries worldwide have insufficient respect for animal welfare in some areas and need urgent education. China is not the only one at fault in this area.  

The world needs to permanently address cruelty if we are ever to be civilised. There are some estimated 380 million vegetarians in the world, healthier, more compassionate, more thoughtful, ;civilised and enlightened not causing viruses from animal cruelty. 
More than 3 billion animals and fish are slaughtered for food every day. All completely unnecessary

If the world was vegetarian it could save 8 million lives over 30 years, reduce green house gas emissions by 2/3rds and create health care savings and avoid climate damage of 1.5 trillion dollars.

If wishing to understand more my article shortly to be published explains so do not jump to conclusions until you read I also tell of how it was spread and how it and all other influenzas can already be cured.

The world’s governments and media have ridden of each others backs from the initial wrong assumptions and manipulated figures. 

Flu does not just originate from China but we had the Brisbane Flu, the Sydney 
Flu, the Mexican swine flu, the Kansas flu.

Who am I, no one of significance, an author, health researcher, teacher, vegetarian, animal rights and someone who has researched health for my entire life time, not for organisations but for genuine truths?  

Recently I fought for my life over several years after being misdiagnosed by a young doctor. Sent to emergency with meningitis, orbital cellulites and chronic ear infection she misdiagnosed as psychological which fortunately nothing was further from the truth it was my strength of mind that saved me. Assumptions continued due to this error as doctors and specialist presumed a doctors opinion and misdiagnosis was correct and more reliable than my input and did not provide proper treatment, causing me toxic shock loss of vision in one eye and an agonizing fight for life. After 18 months after a small sinus turbinate operation gauze was removed from my sinus which should have caused death and continually caused massive infection which I fought hourly.

Why I tell you some of this is because from this horrific incident I have also discovered a cure for influenza, corona and all types of influenza and other conditions but currently the focus is on the vaccination race due to investors wanting large returns ASAP. 

The corona flu virus started at the Wuhan markets, I also demonstrate how it spread in my article. The influenza virus has developed over the years in many different countries usually relating to avian pig ferret combinations of animal contact and handling killing.

Needless to say if all markets were changed to agriculture and the world stopped killing animals we would have a healthier happier world. 

This problem is not just Chinas but throughout the world. Poverty needs to be addressed with positive employment and income from Agriculture and Horticultural, not wild or domestic animal farming unless cruelty free, for eggs and milk.  

For that we should be more than grateful. Cara Lyn

My article re the manipulation of Corona virus should be published by June 2020.

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